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Visiting pastoralists in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Most Mongolians living outside the capital Ulaanbaatar are pastoralists. They occupy yurts, scattered hundreds of kilometres from each other, far from civilization. “What were theRead More »

The Hindu Street/Shankhari Bazaar in old (Puran) Dhaka, Bangladesh

I strolled for several hours along and around Hindu Street, one of the oldest areas in Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka). Most Hindu people, who remainedRead More »

Kamalapur Railway Station – a surprising jam in the heart of Bangladeshi capital – Dhaka

I had already spent a few days in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, and was thinking about a trip to the town of Srimangal. I planned toRead More »

A week-long itinerary through Maramures, the most authentic region in Romania

A weeklong itinerary in Maramures with visiting Salina Turda, Bucharest and/or Brasov in Romania (possible combination with a trip in Bulgaria).Maramures is famous for itsRead More »

Places not to miss in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

When I first saw Ashgabat's new city, I forgot to shut my mouth for a few minutes. I'm not quite sure if I could describeRead More »

A few zen moments in Isuien garden in Nara

"Old pondA frog jumps in –the sound of water".Basho's "old pond" Haiku, the best-known Haiku in JapanIsui-en is a Japanese garden located in Nara, theRead More »
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