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Tsagaan Suvarga in Gobi desert, Mongolia

Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) is a limestone rock formation and a rocky area in the Gobi desert, southern Mongolia. We stayed there for about 3Read More »

Five Days Ukraine Itinerary – Kyiv, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, and a few more exciting places around

This Ukraine itinerary includes some of the most renowned attractions of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with itsRead More »

The ancient Takht-i-Bahi Monastic Complex in KPK Province in Pakistan

I can imagine the French officer's astonishment when he stumbled upon the remains of the ancient Takht-i-Bahi Buddhist monastery (UNESCO since 1980) in the PakistaniRead More »

Long weekend culture and heritage itinerary in Kosovo, the partially-recognised state in Southeast Europe

A journey around Kosovo is like a trip back in time. This itinerary offers some of the most impressive, old but very well preserved culturalRead More »

The Siwa Festival in Egypt

This festival occurs in the Egyptian oasis of Siwa, located 900 km southwest of Cairo, during October’s full moon.The history of this celebration goes backRead More »

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore

If you want to enjoy undisturbed the Lahore Fortress in Pakistan, you should visit it early in the morning. No people, quiet, calm ... andRead More »
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