Intersting Places

Gaziantep – on the edge of Anatolia in southeastern Turkey

I led two groups in a row in May 2021 in southeastern Turkey during the total lockdown due to the Covid pandemic and Ramadan. TimeRead More »

The semi-abandoned Syriac village of Dereici in southeastern Turkey

I learned about the old Syriac village of Dereici in "Lonely Planet" where 3 or 4 sentences were devoted to it. I was leading aRead More »

Sogmatar – “The City of the Seven Temples” in southeastern Turkey

In May 2021, I led a small group of enthusiasts to southeastern Turkey. We came across a small village not far from Harran, near theRead More »

The City of the Dead (Qarafa, Arafa) in Cairo, Egypt

The City of the Dead (Qarafa, Arafa) is a four-mile-long cemetery stretching from the northern to the southern part of Cairo, located at the footRead More »

Aït Benhaddou – the picturesque fortified village (ksar) in Morocco

I have visited Aït Benhaddou twice, and each time I found the place equally captivating and exciting. From a distance, it looks like a smallRead More »

The Winter Fairy Tale of the River Danube

I like to take pictures of the promenade along the River Danube in Ruse, Bulgaria. The river is majestic at any time of the year,Read More »
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