Each of the itineraries is packed with a resume, practical information, a map, and a day-by-day program with links to travel service providers, which might help you to organize your trip by yourself. Alternatively, we (yes, I have a team) can help with custom planning your trip with or without reservations. You also might want to join our planned small group trips to off-the-beaten-path places like Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, and other destinations, which I organize through my own travel agency “Thousand Voyages” Ltd. Full list of the services.  I hope you will enjoy the travelogues, stories and the collection of off-the-beaten-path places. You will also find links to inspiring books and galleries with high-quality photos taken during my travels. Enjoy!


A week-long itinerary through Maramures, the most authentic region in Romania

A weeklong itinerary in Maramures with visiting Salina Turda, Bucharest and/or Brasov in Romania (possible combination with a trip in Bulgaria).Maramures is famous for itsRead More »

Five Days Ukraine Itinerary – Kyiv, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, and a few more exciting places around

This Ukraine itinerary includes some of the most renowned attractions of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with itsRead More »

Long weekend culture and heritage itinerary in Kosovo, the partially-recognised state in Southeast Europe

A journey around Kosovo is like a trip back in time. This itinerary offers some of the most impressive, old but very well preserved culturalRead More »