Karwan Slum Area Of Dhaka, Bangladesh (photo essay)

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Karwan Slum Area Of Dhaka, Bangladesh (photo essay)

Karwan Slum Area Of Dhaka, Bangladesh (photo essay)

It is not easy to write about such sights and the total misery it conjures up. The picture is painfully clear – of huge numbers of people of the lowest social class, living on the edge of survival, crammed into small shacks made of whatever waste materials are at hand, without clean water or electricity. 

I am tempted to overload you with some stunning statistics and details copied from the Internet, but instead, I offer you but one, it is this; the World Bank report of 2007, states that almost half of the twelve million people of Dhaka live in slums. Yes! That is six million. That was in 2007. The situation has since worsened.

Little girl eating rice at Karwan Bazar slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Indian Sub-Continent, Asia

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