Photo essays

City views of Tokyo from a Yurikamome train in the Japanese capital

I took this series of photos within 30-40 minutes while commuting on the Yurikamome train in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, I rode it several timesRead More »

B’doul tribe in Petra, Jordan – the living part of the “Pink City”

I have travelled to Petra several times, including as a leader of a small group. The first few times, the archaeological remains were the mostRead More »

The Srinagar-Leh Highway in Ladakh, India – one of the highest and most dangerous mountain roads in the world

Leh (Ladakh) - Srinagar (Kashmir) is one of the two main roads in Ladakh. I travelled this road in 2011 during my solo trip andRead More »

Mongolian child jockeys – tradition vs business

For more than two hours, we have been driving through the vast and expansive steppe of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The driver of ourRead More »

The brick factories in Bangladesh and the people who work there

  The rickety taxi flew at a frantic pace on Dhaka's ring road when the view in front of me suddenly appeared; it was Dante'sRead More »

The Dhmaal Sufi Ritual at the Lal Temple in Sehwan, Pakistan

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears" RumiI had seen the Sufis in Istanbul many years ago, but what we sawRead More »
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