The Winter Fairy Tale of the River Danube

I enjoy photographing the promenade alongside the River Danube in Ruse, Bulgaria. The river is majestic every season, but it is extraordinarily adorable in winterRead More »

The Elegant Mystery of the Hama-rikyū Gardens in Tokyo, Japan

I travelled twice to Japan. Every time I spent at least a few hours in different gardens, strolling, taking pictures or just enjoying the scenery.Read More »

The Hindu Street/Shankhari Bazaar in old (Puran) Dhaka, Bangladesh

I strolled for several hours along and around Hindu Street, one of the oldest areas in Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka). Most Hindu people, who remainedRead More »

Kamalapur Railway Station – a surprising jam in the heart of Bangladeshi capital – Dhaka

I had already spent a few days in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, and was thinking about a trip to the town of Srimangal. I planned toRead More »

Places not to miss in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

When I first saw Ashgabat's new city, I forgot to shut my mouth for a few minutes. I'm not quite sure if I could describeRead More »

A few zen moments in Isuien garden in Nara

"Old pond A frog jumps in – the sound of water". Basho's "old pond" Haiku, the best-known Haiku in Japan Isui-en is a Japanese gardenRead More »
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