The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore (photo essay)

If you want to enjoy undisturbed the Lahore Fortress in Pakistan, you should visit it early in the morning. No people, quiet, calm … and huge. This’s exactly what we did last December. The photos are from the Badshahi Mosque, part of the fortress. We were almost alone at the courtyard of the mosque. A man was sweeping the floor with a large broom. Quiet, sunny, fresh cool air …just perfect! Inside the mosque is beautiful… murals, decorations. I was most impressed by the huge space and the unique atmosphere. After some shooting, I sat in the corner, enjoying the quietness, the light and the emptiness of the space around. I thought I could stay there for hours. It was one of the greatest experiences of out trip around Pakistan.

The Badshahi Masjid is a Mughal era masjid in Lahore. It is an important example of Mughal architecture, with an exterior that is decorated with carved red sandstone with marble inlay. It remains the largest masjid of the Mughal-era, and is the second-largest masjid in Pakistan.

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