Thousand Voyages Visa Application Service

Sometimes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a visa. We partner with two of the most reputable visa application services – iVisa and Visa HQ.


Easy, traveller-friendly application process. Usually 100% online and with clear instructions, much less complicated than dealing with foreign governments. All documents are reviewed by a team of immigration experts before submission to the respective governments. Our staff is well-trained and offers years of experience. World-class data centres and state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts and information. Your credit card info will never be exposed to any government websites. Our call centres are ready to help you 24/7. We want you to enjoy your travels and ditch the stress of getting a visa!. Check your destination, see your travel visa requirements and apply online for any visa in the world.


We also work with VisaHQ, another reputable service used by thousands of people. Please use the form below to apply for your visa.