Travel Services

I have been travelling intensively since 2010. In 2015, I started my travel agency “Thousand Voyages” Ltd, through which I have organised and led more than 30 adventure tours and short expeditions worldwide so far. Please have a look at the Travel Services Section of this website for more info and options. 

Panoramic view of the Pangong Lake in the Himalayas - THOUSAND VOYAGES


Digital downloads and open edition prints

I am represented by Getty Images – Creative Images Collection (5,929 images to date) and Video Collection (5,003 video footages to date). I am also represented by Offset. You can buy licenses directly from these websites.

Destination Marketing/Promotional materials / Professional visual content for your brand/website/campaign/destination

I have travelled extensively to more than 30 countries and regions, solo or leading small groups, worked as a web designer for more than two years and was engaged in online marketing campaigns for more than a decade. This combination of skills makes me confident to offer help in preparing high-quality presentation materials – photos, video and text for your destination. You can use them for content marketing, advertising and promotion purposes through this website, my social media networks (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter ) or yours.

At the moment I am running three travel projects: 1) Off-the-beaten-path trips with small groups around the globe – (in Bulgarian); Thousand Voyages Blog – (in English) and Guide To Bulgaria – (in English).

Thousand Voyages Social Networks (in English): Facebook / Instagram / Twitter ;

Guide To Bulgaria Social Networks (in English): Facebook / Twitter / Instagram;

Thousand Voyages Bulgaria Social Networks (in Bulgarian): Facebook / Instagram;

The three web sites under this brand do not use random ugly and not relevant advertisements all over the pages (Google ads). The design is clean, minimalistic and enhanced by professional photos and slideshows from my extensive photo archive. Your product, service or brand will be promoted professionally and in a distracting-free environment.

“Thousand Voyages”‘ audience: adventure travellers, who prefer slow travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations; people practising outdoor activities like hiking, climbing etc.; people who love travel photography and travel stories; people engaged in not for profit projects and campaigns.

Limmat flowing through downtown Zurich, Switzerland

Product/Services/Brands Reviews and Promotion

I use lots of travel-related products and services during my travels. If you have products or operate services related to tourism, adventure, sport or travel, I would be pleased to help promote them by developing excellent product/service reviews (written articles, photo/video) on the “Thousand Voyages” websites and social media. I’d be happy to become your brand ambassador.. 

Web presence (developing of websites)

As I have mentioned, I have pretty good experience with website development, using WordPress. I can create websites like this one or similar. Please note that I am not a web developer (I do not write code). Although I can provide some advice or prepare a needs assessment for a more complicated web presence, you still need to hire a professional web developer for more complex web sites.

Working with NGOs

I have 15 years of experience working with NGOs, mostly on project management positions. That’s why I have a particular interest in working on non-profit projects, ideas and campaigns. For me, this kind of work has always been a priority. All of the services described above are valid for non-profit projects, ideas or campaigns, including project management services.

I’m available for both short and long-term partnerships and offer services in English.